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Hi There, Welcome to our new blog.  We’ll be writing about writing for children, self-publishing, teaching creative writing and inspiring young authors, among other topics.

I’m still working on our new website, which should be up and running in another week or so. Right now, Robin and I are in the throes of getting our first picture book, Curious Carmelita, finished and onto Createspace–an amazing service I wish had been available 13 years ago when I first started self-publishing.  It would have made a HUGE difference to my business success.  If you have a book you’re trying to get published and are not having much luck, you might want to look into this program.

Luckily, my daughter, Robin McFadden is a whiz on Photoshop and had been able to not only do the illustrations but also create the POD files, and I already had ISBN numbers left from before, so our cost to get set up again has been minimal.

So far, it’s been a real kick getting back into the publishing business.  I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Patricia McFadden